released April 6, 2017



Track Name: "Obsession" By DRVN (Produced By JBlanked)
This vehicle of mine
Is just a vessel for expression
Hence the blessings that I'm manifesting
Penning lessons
Til you get the message
My dream is more like inception
My mindstate-Hermetic
My music-obsession

Verse 1:
Never not lyrically righteous
I might just flex a vocal bicep
If the price is right, yes,
I've soared to a height too fly to digest
You try to digress
But can't keep ears and eyes off of
Mother Earth's finest
Prime in my primal, I don't see death
And I can't see less than greatness
Coming out of this vein
Like phlebotomists
Getting all up under the skin
Like psoriasis
Figure me out
Am I ego driven or altruistic
A healthy dose of both
Whatever floats your boat
Just know I'm​ killing flows
And putting ends to opponents
In the end
If I gain some ends
Well that's a bonus
The focus
is putting fire in the eyes of the masses
Self mastery in it's entirety
I was told if I wanna see a change in the world
Then I gotta be it.

Verse 2:
Back to the biggity basics
I'm laced with the fundamentals
Why I'm drowning in instrumentals
Tryna orchestrate your evolution
All this other wack shit is detrimental
What the F is going on in the game
What type of shit is going on in your brain
Got a million fucking in songs in your brain
And not 1 line from you
Tis' true
See I never let the bullshit overtake me
I undertake it 'for it has a chance
Make no mistakes
Life ain't gon' hold your hand
You gotta know where you're​ going
Not always a straight path
Watch me manuever through bullshit
And burn through life like a Phoenix
Pay attention or eat ash
Full speed ahead with a single point focus
If you get in my way
Then you're gonna need a shit bag.
Track Name: "Precision" By DRVN (Produced By JBlanked)
It's not enough just to spit
See, you gotta be precise
And the rhythm is my life

I was blessed with the flow
Though it best that you know
Each word is a knife

Whether they heal or they harm
I'll leave it up to y'all
Cuts clean and concise

It's not enough just to rip
See, you gotta be precise
And the rhythm is my life

Verse 1:
Sharp like a tux
Rhythm is a must
I'm a plus with the wordplay
You can kick dust
Don't fuss
Won't dwell on the bullshit
Never giving up, cuhz in us I trust
Bother listening to anybody else
Everything you need under my belt
Act right, clown
Nothing funny about slacking on your craft
I'm​ the man with the plan
Don't hold me up now
Peak of the mountain is in reach
So I work and I work till I reach my dreams
I'm a God in the flesh
I a man and a myth
Legendary Lyricist
Capricorn King
That's a goat and a fish
So I float through the shit
Rip those who offend
Cuhz my sword is a pen
Guaranteed I'ma win
Leaving senses in bliss

Verse 2:
Shitting on the competition
Wishing I ain't have to
Verses thicker than the book of Matthew
Permanent like tattoos
I'm around forever
Got leverage in this game
I will never need a lever
Simply cuhz I'm better than whoever
Got a flow for any weather
Hardly focused on the cheddar
I'm just tryna make you better
Get it right
Spitting nothing but the light
And the day I blow out
You will simply lose sight
So I'ma continue to meditate
And float like a featherweight
Knowing damn well I'm a heavyweight
Heaven's gates are just a line away
Come and stay for awhile
Take a load off, child
This is North Hospitality
True North
And I'm headed thataway
You scatter brain
Blow away your mind like hurricanes
Certainly a force to be reckoned with
Alert all the frauds fakes and haters
It's the end
I cut with precision.
Track Name: "Shut Up" By DRVN (Produced By Black Ant)
Mother Earth By Black Ant (Shut Up): Sipping on a certain something sepia
Slip into a space of constant melancholy regula
Rehearsing my repertoire
What you really know bout repetition
I'm consistent as the Sun and Moon switching.
Just Shut Up and Listen
Track Name: "OhMyMe" By DRVN (Produced By Fleslit)
I write until I'm pure to the core
Making sure I pen the verse right
I got the flavor you been waiting for
I'm painting pictures for the 3rd eye
Can you see it? 4x

Verse 1:
Ok I got the key
To be engulfed in the mission at hand
Right in front of me
Direct my energy
I know it comes back
So I'm willing to give it all
to succeed with the task
So don't ask me why the flow is so perfect
I'm putting work in
Conserve my vital essence
You be bonding with the Jergens
Fuck outta here
We ain't on the same level, same mental plane
My presence is intense
In a room full of gentle lames
Flames to the touch be the skin on my frame
I could burn the booth down if I lean
Stay your lane
Other than my own power, shit
I don't fear a thing
You can throw those little sub jabs
I don't feel a thing.

Verse 2:
Complete tunnel vision
I don't see a thing but the finish line
So gimme my shine many times
Over for the gimmicky,
the fake, the faux, the fradulent
I'm winning
Let's see how many Ls y'all can get
And keep count
Cuhz my attentions over here
With the stuff that really matters in the game
I am here
You don't need to crown me King
I see a king in the mirror
Same my name 3 times
And I bet I won't appear, fucking busy
Thought I told you no time for buffoonery
Fully engulfed in my craft
If I ain't God yet, I'm soon to be
Truly fucking Looney tunes
And that's why they ain't cool as me
Authentic to the soul
Ain't no darkness consuming me.
Track Name: "Flex Epidemic" By DRVN (Produced By Black Ant)
5 Piece By Black Ant (Flex Epidemic): This is venom
My mission is to kill em with rhythm
leave em with nothing but competition up in em
Appealing as it may seem
To try and go against me
Subliminally your asking for your own death

×2 Start a flex epidemic
This a flex epidemic
Want a flex epidemic
Need a flex epidemic
Track Name: "Death to the Serpent" By DRVN (Produced By JBlanked)
Get serious about your craft
The gift won't last if you don't use it
That's simple math, just add it up
They turn to curses,
rotten for certain, like spoiled milk
I spoil beats and give em' purpose
Death to the serpent.

Verse 1:
A seed can only grow once planted
I'm fucking minds
My fucking mental be the grandest
And nothing simple
bout how I be pimping pencils
Ain't nothing stenciled, original
I put that on me
Because God got enough problems
Weighing heavy on her shoulders
If I piggybacked, I'd be damn-ed
Damn straight we moving mountains
With the faith of a needle eye
I never need a lot
Seen miracles a million times
And I believe in me above all other creations
So I take responsibility
For each one of my failures
Chalk it up as a lesson
Then I modify my strategy
I hope you don't mind
if I murder these rappers casually
All whilst grabbing a bag
And setting the masses free.
Track Name: "PENicillin" By DRVN (Produced By JBlanked)
If it's not about where you're from
And only about where you're going
Then why I do I have a past present future
Let me know it
Life molded this poet

Verse 1:
Born in the first state
Moved to the 11th, yea
Don't where I'm going next
But I know how I'm getting there
The vision be immaculate
Conceived this dream
With whole lot of struggle
And a little bit of elbow grease
I'm working,
can't you see the crease in these Dickies, OG
Flows so dope, I could blow keys
Sick with it
Born with the skills
But didn't make it off of fumes
Shit, I broke a lot of utensils
Getting this to you
Here's the medicine you needed
Punk this all in a days work
Wrote the whole project in a day
Now my head hurt, LOL
Doing well, finally I'm getting mine
Instead of the lollygagging
I'm using all of my time
And I'm giving it to you
Along with all my energy
Don't worry, I'll recuperate
Just put the shit to use
Like I told you take 2 of these
Call me in the morning
I'll be there when you need
If you out my records on.