"Amazing" By DRVN ft. DaPhatMack (Produced By 3B)




DRVN Verse:
Half man, half angel
All amazing
Patiently waiting for the day your mind will let me serenade it
I got a message
Become the change that you wanna see
and everything you do will be bless-ed
Got one foot on Devil's neck'n
I won't be letting up, not for a second
I'm wrecking any demon approaching with evil intention
Did I mention
I've written more lines than pages in the bible
No ghost writers
No messiahs
Just the thoughts of a righteous man
I give a damn whether you like me or not
But you gon hear what I'm saying whether you like it or not
I'm omnipotent
You simpletons can enjoy the top spot
You're just renting it while I'm over here collecting my props, gimme mine
I'm divine,
No way that you can work around it
I'm leaving every artist, producer and critic astounded
All you see is fire in my eyes,
how can I not win, my mind is not stopping
Any motherfucking time soon,
Plotting on how to make your favorite rapper look like a fool
I'm rude whenever I need to be
and for every 10 positive tracks
I'm ripping one so disrespectfully
I gotta keep a couple bars memorized
in case you feel like kidding yourself
try stepping to me, leave you traumatized
Speak like I'm giving speaches
Preach like I study preachers
Snap like a fragile femur
Heat like my soul is ether
I'm burning bright
Have you ever seen a light quite this?
My name is SOL but I'm hot like Sirius B, and this...
Is why I can't be touched,
Burn you out like Angel dust
Have you wishing that you practiced more
When you were coming up
I'm so damn far ahead of my time
die and reincarnate
I'll be 108 next Saturday
Shit on the game is what my bladder say
Add insult to injury
Prepare a hot loogey for its face
My aim is impeccable,
I don't procrastinate
Making necessary steps to progress
You can go that away


released March 10, 2017