"What You Need" By DRVN (Produced By Lexi Banks)




[ 2X Take a break from what you want,
Let me give you what you need]
[2X Raining blessings from heaven
Will you reject, Will you receive.]

V1: I drown in the music,
Let it take me to the brink of death
and then I resurface with verses in cursive, rehearsing
Yes, I flirt with the reaper it keeps my lyricism tight as fuck
Not only do I got it on lock,
shit, I done tied it up
Too many trashy rappers out here, it's time to tidy up
In me I trust, I never need to wish for luck
I'm rich as fuck
Your mind on the monetary, mine bouta blow up
I'm writing reciting 24/7, ain't pick a pencil up
Can't stencil the god, I'm too perfect
You need to give it up, or level up,
One or the other, hear what I'm tellin ya'.
Elite would be my title, I wear it proudly, no squares around me
if they had 4 corners before, I brought it down to 3
then broke it down to point A and B, make sure they straight
And then I bend them til they look like ouroborous,
Rinse and repeat.
Full circle, like a boomerang that's on its way back
I tie it all end in the end, the end is near for the wack
Lots a levels to this shit, that's a fact
like a game, you gotta grind until it's overkill
and then you surpass.
So I keep working in silence,
and as soon as you think I'm gone for good
I'll pop up, drop a bomb down on that ass just how I should
I constant reminder
you're never as good as you think you are
Motivation for you to push harder, that's all I really want
I see fire in your eyes,
That means I did my job,
that's one more lightworker with the world in they're palms
higher vibrations, spreading rapidly all around the globe
We are all gods and goddesses in training if you didn't know
and if you didn't know befo, you're welcome
Knowledge is wealth for me,
My reward is a serenade of blessings.
And I'm on like a light
I'm sorry if it's too bright for you
Its like this all the time, a nasty habit of mine
To overshine the so called competition
I don't like to call them that, cause if I "rip van winkled"
then woke up, I'd still destroy these cats
No pussy footing, I get to business with the quickness
Your witnessing history in the making
A rare occasion
Here to shift the energy in the industry, can you hear me now?
There's no more underground, I bridged that gap
No more excuses, clowns...


released March 10, 2017